Status: Open to Recruitment 

Population: Adult 

Disease group: COVID, Flu, Shingles 

Funder: GSK 

Sponsor: Bristol Trials Centre 

Principal Investigator: Dr Catherine Cosgrove 

Study Aims

We want to know whether receiving a shingles vaccine at the same time as either a flu or COVID-19 vaccine is safe and works as well compared to when the shingles vaccine is given alone. In the UK, a shingles vaccine is offered to people when they reach 70. Flu and COVID19 vaccines are also offered to people in this age group. If we could give the shingles vaccine at the same time as either the flu or COVID-19 vaccine it may make it easier for people, and for GPs, as fewer appointments would be needed. 

What does participating in the study involve?

We will ask you to come to your local site on 6 separate occasions. We may take blood samples at the visits and you will receive vaccinations at the first, third and fifth visits. Depending on which group you are in, you may also receive a vaccination at visit 6. Participants who attend all study visits will receive both the flu and COVID-19 vaccine as part of the study. If applicable, you will also need to perform a urine pregnancy test at each vaccination visit. If you are eligible we will randomise you to one of five groups, the group you are randomised to will determine whether you receive the shingles vaccine at the same time as either the flu or COVID-19 vaccine. You will be free to end your participation in the study at any stage and we will not require a reason. 

To find out more about the study, please see the Participant Information Leaflet.