• Status – Open to Recruitment 
  • Population – Paediatric  
  • Disease group – RSV 
  • Funder – Moderna 
  • Sponsor – Moderna 
  • Principal Investigator – Professor Paul Heath 
  • Study Aims

Moderna is looking for children 5 months – 7 months old who are in generally good health to take part in a clinical trial. The Rhyme Trial is helping researchers learn more about Moderna’s investigational RSV and hMPV vaccines, mRNA-1345 and mRNA-1365, which may help protect people from getting sick if they come into contact with the viruses. 

  • What does participating in the study involve? 

Participation in the Rhyme Trial will last approximately 24 months. If your child is eligible to participate, they will receive 3 injections over a 4 month period. Your child will be chosen at random to receive either the investigational vaccine or a placebo. In order to understand if the investigational vaccine works, medical researchers are comparing the investigational vaccines with a saltwater placebo (a solution that looks just like the investigational vaccine but contains no active substances). All trial participants will receive the same level of quality care regardless of whether they are assigned to an investigational vaccine or the placebo. Participants in the placebo group will receive the Nimenrix (MenACWY) vaccine as their third dose. 

For more information about the Rhyme Trial, please see the Participant Information Sheet.

Alternatively, please contact the Rhyme study team at St George’s Hospital Vaccine Institute: RHYMEstudy@sgul.ac.uk / 0208 725 5382 / 0208 725 2316