Preg-CoV Trial

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What is this trial aiming to find out?

The Preg-CoV trial aims to identify the optimal time to administer COVID-19 vaccines in pregnancy to best protect pregnant women against COVID-19.

The trial will compare COVID-19 vaccines that are currently being used in the UK vaccination programme, as well as new vaccines as they are approved.

Why are we doing this trial?

Ongoing global studies have found that pregnant women are more likely to develop severe COVID-19 disease compared to non-pregnant women of the same age. Pregnant women who develop COVID-19 symptoms are two to three times more likely to have their baby early. For these reasons, the national recommendation in the UK is that COVID-19 vaccination should be offered to pregnant women at the same time as the rest of the population. However, further pregnancy-specific research into COVID-19 vaccines is urgently needed.

What vaccines would be given?

The number of COVID-19 vaccines given in this study would depend on what you have already received and are currently eligible for. There is also an observational cohort for participants who are not due any further doses but have received a dose during pregnancy.

Some participants may be offered a third or fourth booster as a fractional dose of the COVID-19 booster (full dose Pfizer, half dose Pfizer, half dose Moderna) and for it to be co-administered with routine antenatal vaccinations (e.g. whooping cough vaccine).

What else does participation involve?

There will be a minimum of seven routine study visits and participants will be followed up until one year after their baby’s birth. The majority of visits will happen at hospital and participants will be reimbursed up to £45 per visit.

Blood samples will be taken from participants throughout the study. A baby blood sample will be taken when babies are between 4-12 weeks old. Participants will also be asked to complete a symptom diary following vaccination or if they become symptomatic for COVID-19.

Who can take part?

  • Women who have had a normal dating scan in pregnancy
  • Aged 18-years or older
  • Generally fit and well

How do I get involved?

Please download and read the Participant Information Sheet, and contact the trial team here.

Read more about the Preg-Cov Trial and volunteer experience in the SW Londoner article.


Download Participant Information Sheet

Complete prescreen questionnaire

Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital

Liverpool Women’s Hospital

Leeds General Hospital

Milton Keynes University Hospital

Princess Royal Hospital, Telford

Royal Free Hospital, London

Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro

Royal Preston Hospital

St George’s Hospital, London

St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester

St Michael’s Hospital, Bristol

Southampton General Hospital