Neonatal Infection Surveillance Network

Neonatal Infection

Aim of the study:

The purpose of neonIN is to collect high-quality data on the pathogens causing neonatal infections and their antimicrobial susceptibilities and to match this with individual clinical data.

These data can be used to:

  • Describe the epidemiology of neonatal infections and their antibiotic resistance patterns and its change over time;
  • Monitor the impact of changes in practice;
  • Audit predefined infection-related outcomes;
  • Provide the rationale for / a platform for interventional studies;
  • Allow benchmarking between units and countries.

About the database:

neonIN is a Neonatal Infection Surveillance Network, active since 2004. Its main functions are collecting and storing data about the organisms (bacterial and fungal) causing neonatal infections and their antibiotic/antifungal resistance patterns. It matches anonymised demographic and clinical data to the microbiology information. These data allow the monitoring of infections and clinical practice over time. NeonIN is a platform for national audits and interventional studies. The data collected are available to all the network participants and can be used by the participating units to monitor their own practice, compare themselves with other units and it can be analysed at a national level to inform policy and practice.

neonIN began in 2004 with 4 London neonatal units. Currently, many neonatal units contribute data from the UK, Estonia, Greece and Australia. The numbers of sites and participants continue to increase!

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