Neonatal Antimicrobial Resistance and Outcome


Status: Open to Recruitment

Population: Paediatric

Disease Group: Neonatal Sepsis

Funder: Antibiotic Research UK

Sponsor: St George’s University of London

Principal Investigator: Professor Paul Heath

Study Aims

  • To identify the infections leading to death in babies on neonatal units.
  • To define the clinical characteristics of babies dying from infections.
  • To describe the management of babies dying from infections with a specific focus on their antimicrobial treatment and the antimicrobial resistance profiles of the causative organisms.

About the Database

Basic information about infection is collected and stored on a database. This data can be used to tell us information about infections, such as what the most common infections are, which antibiotics are best for treating them and what factors contribute to poor outcomes. Local study teams will enter the relevant details into the neonIN database as part of their routine clinical duties. Data will be entered retrospectively on a regular basis either (weekly/monthly) depending on the unit activity and in compliance with the duties of the local team.

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