Neonatal Antimicrobial Resistance and Outcome


Aim of the study:

  • To identify the infections leading to death in babies on neonatal units.
  • To define the clinical characteristics of babies dying from infections.
  • To describe the management of babies dying from infections with a specific focus on their antimicrobial treatment and the antimicrobial resistance profiles of the causative organisms.

What the study involves:

This is a multicentre observational study involving NNUs. Study personnel (neonatologists and research nurses) from these NNUs will identify eligible babies in whom a positive culture has been obtained as part of the neonIN study. neoAMRO will collect information on the baby’s status (alive/died/not known) at 28 days after the positive culture. The local study teams will then enter the relevant details into the neonIN database as part of their routine clinical duties. Data will be entered retrospectively on a regular basis either (weekly/monthly) depending on the unit activity and in compliance with the duties of the local team.

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