The Vaccine Institute team research on new and existing vaccines to tackle diseases which disproportionately affect vulnerable populations including children, pregnant women and those living with HIV.

Sharing the same site with St George’s Hospital, one of the UK’s leading teaching hospitals, with more than 1000 beds, ensures that our research priorities address clinical priorities and that new knowledge generated by research is applied in the clinical setting in a timely manner.

Our team has strong ties with other clinical areas, such as paediatric respiratory medicine, infectious diseases and obstetrics and also with public health specialists who advise on key areas of research.

We work in collaboration with the Paediatric Infectious Diseases Research Team carrying out observational studies and randomised control trials on antimicrobial resistance and prescribing as well as the Group B Strep (GBS) team at St George’s who lead studies on serocorrelates of protection in pregnant women in Uganda and the UK, and are also working on the standardisation of the GBS antibody.

Adult Research

Child Research

Pregnancy Research