Conflict of interest statement

St. George’s Vaccine Institute follows and works in accordance with the RCUK Policy and Code of Conduct on the Governance of Good Research Conduct.

Some of the St. George’s Vaccine Institute staff work on clinical trials which are conducted by St. George’s, University of London and sponsored and/or funded by vaccine manufacturers. The sponsors and/or funders of this research are always declared in the scientific publications relating to these studies.
St. George’s Vaccine Institute staff do not accept gifts or direct personal payments from vaccine manufacturers.

The results of all clinical trials conducted at St. George’s Vaccine Institute are published in peer-reviewed journals, and the editorial role of the St. George’s Vaccine Institute in authorship of these academic papers meets or exceeds the ICMJE guidelines.

Our aim is for all research conducted at the St. George’s Vaccine Institute, irrespective of funding source, to be carried out with the highest levels of integrity, as outlined in the RCUK Code of Conduct.